Vector-Borne Pathogen Testing

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Sample collection devices

2.0 ml tubes with high-density polycarbonate beads and Zymo Research DNA/RNA Shield™ are provided. Each tube will accommodate up to 50 mosquitoes.  DNA/RNA Shield™ ensures sample preservation without homogenization or refrigeration.

Fast and free shipping

Collection devices and return label are sent by 2 day shipping, which means less waiting for you.

Accurate and dependable testing

We will take it from here! Upon arrival, your samples are homogenized, processed, tested, and analyzed by our skilled scientists so you can be confident in your results.

Fast turn-around time

We log your package arrival time to make sure that you receive your electronic results within 2 business days.

On-site storage

Samples will be kept on site for 3 months in case you want to request further testing. Samples may be returned for a shipping fee.

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