Pest Testing

Whether for your hospitality business or home, our testing services will reveal if your living space is harboring microscopic pests

Just as the name suggests, pests are annoying, and they can be even worse for people with allergies. Pest monitoring helps ensure a healthy living environment and can detect population increases as they occur. Please take a look at our tests offered below and find out how easy pest monitoring can be.

Detection tests offered:

  • Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius)

  • Dust Mites (Dermatophagoides spp., D. pteronyssinus, D. farinae)

  • More tests coming soon

If you can swab, you can detect!

Sample collection

Sample collection is easy and only involves a sterile swab and collection tube (included with service). Our synthetic fiber swabs are designed to collect any debris and molecular material left behind by microscopic pests.  Once collected, the swab is placed inside a collection tube where a preservative reagent stabilizes the sample and prevents the need for refrigeration during shipment.

Fast and free shipping

Shipping is provided which means less waiting for your results.

Accurate and dependable testing

We will take it from here! Upon arrival, your samples are tested and analyzed by our skilled scientists so you can be confident in your results. The obtained results will be compared with your previous samplings to monitor if pest presence is increasing or decreasing on your property. This monitoring will help determine if pest treatment applications have been effective.

Fast turn-around time

We log your package arrival time to make sure that you receive your electronic results within 2 business days.

Please contact us with any questions